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Enzo Ferrari - Sergio Castellitto, Ed Stoppard, Jessica Brooks, Carlo Carlei

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The true story of the world's greatest automotive empire.

The man who created the greatest automobile empire in history, from poverty to riches, through passion, ruthlessness and brutal character. We meet Ferrari (Sergio Castellitto) as an old man, disturbed by memories of the past and by all the things he lost on his way to success. We see him still tormented and hounded by journalists and paparazzi who, from the start would never leave him in peace. One journalist stands out. Someone who seems to know even the darkest secrets of his past and who is determined to get the final and most intimate interview at all costs. Ferrari succumbs to the incessant demands.

Through this interview Ferrari's life unfolds, as he recounts his early love of racing, the difficult relationship with his father and older brother, his closeness to his mother, and the death of another brother during the war. Ferrari tells the journalist about his dearest friends, the first day he met Laura (Cristina Moglia), his lover and wife, and the tragedy of his son's death. He also relays his first ever victories behind the wheel, and also his first defeat.

Ferrari tells of his overwhelming dream to build the fastest, most prestigious and unbeatable racing car of all time. As this dream becomes a reality, he becomes dedicated to this passion, but soon finds another great love, in the young Lina (Jessica Brooks), who gives him a son to support and stand by him until the end. As the journalist delves deeper into Ferrari's mind, we journey through the more painful memories of the past and the price he had to pay for his dream. We soon understand that, behind that hard exterior, lies a conscience full of regret.

Continuing on this turbulent ride, we begin to understand that there is no journalist confronting him. This is his own conscience that he is facing; that he must contend with before he can make peace with himself. And we finally understand that this has been his greatest battle and the most important victory of his life. Enzo Ferrari died in August 1988.

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Persons of interest

  • Sergio Castellitto .... Enzo Ferrari
  • Ed Stoppard .... Ferrari's alter ego
  • Jessica Brooks .... Lina Lardi
  • Vincent Schiavelli .... Mr Paradise
  • Pietro Ragusa .... Piero Ferrari
  • Francesca De Sapio .... Adalgisa Ferrari
  • Matteo Angius .... Gilles Villeneuve
  • Jonathan Bailey .... Alfredo Ferrari
  • Matthew Bose .... Dino Ferrari
  • Thomas Crowther .... Dino Ferrari at 10 years
  • Elio Germano .... Enzo Ferrari at 18 years
  • Giampiero Judica .... Tazio Nuvolari
  • Skandar Keynes .... Enzo Ferrari at 8 years
  • Cristina Moglia .... Laura Garello
  • Massimo De Rita .... Screenwriter
  • Mario Falcone .... Screenwriter
  • Carlo Carlei .... Screenwriter
  • Carlo Carlei .... Director

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