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The Emperor's new clothes

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What if Napoleon Bonaparte (Ian Holm) hadn't died in exile? What if he wanted to regain his throne?

Eugene Lenormand (Ian Holm) is being to used to cover up a grand plan for Bonaparte to recover his throne. But the plan doesn't work exactly as well as planned. After Eugene is in place, Napoleon travels back to Paris to try and return to power. Along the way, he finds that France has changed since he left. When he arrives in Paris, he discovers that the asylum there is filled with people all claiming to be Napoleon. What to do now? He returns to Elba and has to start planning again. However, the look-alike doesn't want to give up his role.

Persons of interest

  • Ian Holm .... Napoleon Bonaparte/ Eugene Lenormand
  • Iben Hjejle .... Pumpkin
  • Tim McInnerny .... Doctor Lambert
  • Tom Watson .... Gerard
  • Nigel Terry .... Montholon,
  • Murray Melvin .... Antommarchi
  • Eddie Marsan .... Marchand
  • Ashley Artus .... Orderly
  • Hugh Bonneville .... Bertrand
  • Clive Russell .... Bommel
  • Simon Leys .... Author: The Death of Napoleon
  • Kevin Molony .... Screenwriter
  • Alan Taylor .... Screenwriter
  • Herbie Wave .... Screenwriter
  • Alan Taylor .... Director

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Security censorship classification

PG (Adult themes, low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

107 minutes (1:47 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2003

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The Emperor's new clothes image
The Emperor's new clothes image

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