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Elegy - Ben Kingsley, Penelope Cruz, Patricia Clarkson, Isabel Coixet

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Driven by Isabel Coixet's visually assured and deeply observant direction, Elegy charts the passionate relationship between a celebrated New York college professor, David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) and a young Cuban-born woman, Consuela Castillo (Penélope Cruz) whose beauty both ravishes and destabilises him. As their intimate connection transforms them - more than either could imagine - a charged sexual contest evolves into an indelible love story. With humanistic warmth, wry wit and erotic intensity Elegy explores the power of beauty to blind, to reveal and transform.

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Elegy theatrical one sheet imageElegy theatrical one sheet image

Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film drama romance New York Cuban sex eroticism relationship

Persons of interest

  • Sonja Bennett .... Beth
  • Patricia Clarkson .... Carolyn
  • Penélope Cruz .... Consuela Castillo
  • Antonio Cupo .... Consuela's imagined lover
  • Deborah Harry .... Amy O'Hearn
  • Dennis Hopper .... George O'Hearn
  • Chelah Horsdal .... Susan Reese
  • Ben Kingsley .... David Kepesh
  • Shaker Paleja .... Kris Banjee
  • Kris Pope .... Consuela's Brother
  • Peter Sarsgaard .... Kenneth Kepesh
  • Philip Roth .... Author The dying animal
  • Nicholas Meyer .... Screenwriter
  • Isabel Coixet .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

The drama, romance movie Elegy is directed by Isabel Coixet and stars Ben Kingsley, Penelope Cruz, Patricia Clarkson.

Government security censorship classification

M (Sex scenes, sexual references and coarse language)

Surveillance time

108 minutes (1:48 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 9 April 2009

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Elegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie imageElegy movie image

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