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The edge

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A harrowing tale of two very different men - one an intellectual billionaire (Anthony Hopkins), the other a hotshot fashion photographer (Alec Baldwin) - whose hidden tensions are unleashed when they engage in a desperate struggle for survival after their plane crashes in the hostile Alaskan wilderness. One man eventually learns that the greatest danger comes not from nature but from fear, treachery and possibly, murder.

Also starring Elle MacPherson, Harold Perrineau and Bart the bear. Written by David Mamet, directed by Lee Tamahori.

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The scariest bear in history™.

I swear to the goddess that I have never been so scared, so appalled, so gruesomed-out by a film. Bart is so-o-o scary that I could barely look at the screen; I just wanted for it to be over. If I'd been one of the characters I'd have thrown myself at him and said "Kill me now and get it over and done with!".

But The edge is not just a gore flick, it's a psychological thriller: the interplay of tensions between 3 city boys lost in the Alaskan wilderness (they are lost and it is the wilderness) is incredible. Anthony is the bookish billionaire to a T, full of facts but never quite sure what to do with them. Alec gives the best performance of all the Baldwin boys: subtle, complex, bewildered - and all this with bad hair.

Terrifying and beautiful all at once, the Alaskan wilderness riveted the preview audience (actually it was Canada but that's close enough) but never once upstaged the actors or the action. This film is as intense as all get out and it makes Grizzly (Where were you in 1978?) look like a Disney animation.

See this film and keep a change of underpants nearby, just in case.

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  • Cast and crew video clips: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle MacPherson, Harold Perrineau, Lee Tamahori, David Mamet, Art Linson (producer)
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M (Medium level violence, medium level coarse language)

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117 minutes (1:57 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD rental: 3 October 2001

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