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Dying to live

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In the tradition of Ghost comes this poignant, suspense-filled story about getting second chances at life and love.

In southern California, a car filled with teenagers narrowly avoids a head on collision with a speeding truck. In the background, a mysterious presence watches and, in the final moment, assists in averting the disaster. No-one knows who he is or what power he holds but they will soon find out.

Jonathan Frakes delivers a winning performance as Will, the supernatural guardian who enters the tragedy-filled life of a teenaged couple and teaches them the power of the human spirit.

Also starring Hayley Dumond as Rachel, Shannon Elizabeth as Vanessa, Gabriel Mann as Matthew, Linda Cardellini as Leslie and Brian Poth as Evan. written by Rob Hedden from a story by Victor Bumbalo, directed by Rob Hedden.

Security censorship classification

M (Adult themes, supernatural theme)

Surveillance time

85 minutes (1:25 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

23 June 2000

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