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A destiny of her own

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Born without privilege. Bound by tradition. She found the courage to follow her heart.

Denied the hand of Marco Venier (Rufus Sewell) because of her lower station in life, Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack) instead courageously cultivates a powerful image based on intelligence, glamour and sex, reaching the highest echelons of power - as a courtesan.

Driven to rise above the rigid social constraints, she keeps her passion for Marco alive. Her highly cultivated mind and exquisite charm makes her simultaneously respected and feared - which ultimately puts her soul on trial.

In A destiny of her own, Veronica Franco's true life story is an incredible revelation of the honest courtesan's impact on not only the men in her life - but the world around her.

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M (Medium level sex scenes, adult themes, low level coarse language)

Not for public release in Australia before date

8 September 1999

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A destiny of her own image

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