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Dear Claudia

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An unlikely romance between two people who lose their inhibitions in the post.

Dear Claudia is a romantic comedy about a lonely postman, a desperate hitchhiker, a gifted sculptor, an infatuated pilot, a misplaced cop, a street kid, a mistress, a miner, two thieves and a dead man. Walter (Bryan Brown) and Claudia (Aleksandra Vujcic) crash into the story by plane. The others arrive in a bag of mail.

Also starring Rel Hunt, Deborah Mailman and Kim Hallas. Written and directed by Chris Cudlipp.

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Theatrical report

Have you seen Six days, seven nights with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche? Man and woman don't get along, crash on island, get along even worse, fall in love, run away together. Dear Claudia is the same sort of thing, but Australian rather than American, so it's funnier and more ironic. Well, it's ironic.

The mail is a leitmotif which gives us an insight into Walter's character (he's a mailman), the lives of those back home (small town, outback Australia) and a way for Walter and Claudia to communicate; not an overly original idea but used to good effect.

Walter is a big loser (career mailman) who is also strangely competent. They put the former down to too many morals, which shows you what a waste of time morals are. Bryan Brown fills the role completely but I wondered why a mailman would work out so much when he doesn't have a life. Claudia is a wild girl, hell bent on having her own life. Aleksandra Vujcic does this well, although it's not that much of a stretch from her role in Broken English. Everyone else is a cameo, but they cameo creme!

While Dear Claudia is more of an 80s romantic comedy than a 90s one, it's occasionally brilliant and definitely has something to offer in the entertainment stakes. The 93 minutes pass easily and there is an ever present sense of not quite knowing if it's going to turn out the way you know it will, which is always a good thing.

If romantic comedies are your thing, then this will be your thing.

Security censorship classification

M (Low level coarse languages, sexual references)

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93 minutes (1:33 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

6 August 1999

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