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Dead man's shoes - Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell, Shane Meadows

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

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He's in all of us.

From the director of 24/7 and A room for Romeo Brass comes Dead man's shoes, a story of two brothers: Richard (Paddy Considine) is an ex-paratrooper, out for bloody revenge against the local wideboys who once amused themselves by torturing his vulnerable younger brother; and Anthony (Toby Kebbell), a gentle, affectionate soul with learning difficulties. The town he left eight years ago is still run by the same coven of losers and wasters whose only gainful employment is selling drugs on behalf of the chief lowlife, a preening body-builder called Sonny (Gary Stretch). Richard's return is enough to instil suspicion and paranoia. One by one, Richard tracks the gang members down, striking fear into their hearts and turning them against one another.

With a soundtrack featuring Aphex Twin, Smog, Calexicio and M Ward and an utterly magnetic performance by Paddy Considine, this is an uncompromising and completely gripping film.

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Dead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes image

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  • Film UK revenge drama thriller crime drugs gang murder brother family

Persons of interest

  • Paddy Considine .... Richard
  • Gary Stretch .... Sonny
  • Toby Kebbell .... Anthony
  • Emily Aston .... Patti
  • Neil Bell .... Soz
  • Craig Considine .... Craig
  • Matt Considine .... Matt Considine
  • Ben Dodd .... Mourner
  • Jordan Dodd .... Mourner
  • Lauren Dodd .... Mourner
  • Neil Dodd .... Mourner
  • Jo Hartley .... Marie
  • Paul Hurstfield .... Mark
  • Arthur Meadows .... Mourner
  • Gill Meadows .... Mourner
  • George Newton .... Gypsy John
  • Seamus O'Neal .... Big Al
  • Paul Sadot .... Tuff
  • Andrew Shim .... Elvis
  • Stuart Wolfenden .... Herbie
  • Paddy Considine .... Screenwriter
  • Paul Fraser .... Screenwriter
  • Shane Meadows .... Screenwriter
  • Shane Meadows .... Director

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  • Awards and film festivals:
    • British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) 2005: Nominated: Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film (Mark Herbert, Shane Meadows)
    • British Independent Film Awards 2004: Nominated: Best Achievement in Production, Best Actor (Paddy Considine), Best British Independent Film, Best Director (Shane Meadows), Best Screenplay (Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine), Best Supporting Actor/Actress (Gary Stretch), Best Technical Achievement (Lucas Roche, Chris Wyatt Editors), Most Promising Newcomer (Toby Kebbell)
    • Dinard British Film Festival (Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard) 2004: Won: Golden Hitchcock (Shane Meadows)
    • Directors Guild of Great Britain 2005: Won: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in British Film (Shane Meadows)
    • Empire Awards, UK 2005: Won: Best British Actor (Paddy Considine); Nominated: Best British Director (Shane Meadows), Best British Film
    • Evening Standard British Film Awards 2005: Won: Best Actor (Paddy Considine)
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Theatrical report

You wouldn't want to wear a dead man's shoes, let alone walk a mile in them, but there's something compelling about the journey on which these shoes will take you. In this case, it's a pilgrim's progress of pathological retribution. Hitting, stabbing, killing, bleeding, running, hiding, drinking, shooting, smoking. Sometimes it's the goodie and sometimes it's the baddie but whichever, it's a good way to get the low-life crim action going. What distinguishes Dead man's shoes from, say, Payback is the fact that no matter how many men die you never know exactly why they are shuffling off the old mortal coil. Until the big twists, which took a while for me to figure out (before it appeared on the screen - you know how prophetic I am) but which is perfectly consistent with Richard's methods of revenge. I can't say that this film deserves an R rating for the violence but it does deserve a look: the "High level themes" are nice and meaty, for sure.

Security censorship classification

R 18+ (High level themes, frequent violence)

Surveillance time

90 minutes (1:30 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 12 October 2006

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Dead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes imageDead man's shoes image

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