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Dangerous invitation

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Sometimes once really is enough!

Kelli and Dan befriend Steve and Rita during a beach house vacation in Dolphin Key. But topless sunbathing and hot swinging sex partner swaps soon turn obsessive when Steve and Rita show up on Kelli and Dan's doorstep two weeks later. Bitter that Dan won't take part in an investment deal, Steve tries to blackmail by threatening to reveal nude photos taken during the Dolphin Key vacation to Dan's no-nonsense boss, who is Kelli's father. Dan contacts the police to scare Steve and Rita into leaving him and Kelli alone but Rita knows just what it takes to get the officer off the case. Dan decides to take the situation into his own hands and breaks into Steve and Rita's house, where he finds documents that incriminate Steve. Now desperate, Steve and Rita turn to violence. Will Kelli and Dan take back their lives from this conniving couple?

Starring Joe Fedio, Kim Yates, Lauren Hays and Corbin Timbrook.

Security censorship classification

R 18+ (Medium level sex scenes)

Not for public release in Australia before date

21 July 1999

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