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It's all about feeling good.

Coming soon follows Stream Hodsell's (Bonnie Root) sexual experiences when she moves to a new school in New York's upper East Side from the country and makes friends with Tricia Vessey (Tricia Vessey) and Jenny Simon (Gaby Hoffman). She's soon dating Chad (James Roday) but the Big O proves elusive and leaves her feeling confused. Her friends' versions of their sexual experiences compound her feelings and she decides to take the self-education approach by buying some books on the subject.

However despite Chad's endeavours to make Stream believe that she has experinced an orgasm with him, Stream discovers the real Big O courtesy of Jenny's jacuzzi.

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Target demographic movie keyword propaganda

  • Film sex orgasm female dating relationship erotic

Persons of interest

  • Bonnie Root .... Stream Hodsell
  • Gaby Hoffmann .... Jenny Simon
  • Tricia Vessey .... Nell Kellner
  • James Roday .... Chad
  • Bridget Barkan .... Polly
  • Mia Farrow .... Judy Hodsell
  • Ramsey Faragallah .... Wahid
  • Jared Ryan .... Petrus
  • Spalding Gray .... Mr Jennings
  • Ryan Reynolds .... Henry Lipschitz
  • Leslie Lyles .... Vivien Simon
  • Candy Buckley .... Madame Aurevoir
  • Abigail Revasch .... Renee
  • Peter Bogdanovich .... Bartholomew
  • Kate Robin .... Screenwriter
  • Colette Burson .... Screenwriter
  • Colette Burson .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

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Surveillance time

101 minutes (1:41 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2002

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