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Chips 99

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Be there when the rubber meets the road!

It's fifteen years on at the California Highway Patrol and the wayward Ponch (Eric estrada) has come back to the fold. Quitting the force to nurse his dying wife, he has returned home with his son Frank Junior to start a new life in his old job. But nothing stays the same and Ponch soon finds that his old partner is now his boss - Captain Jon Baker (Larry Wilcox), the hapless Bruce Nelson has finally been promoted to Sergeant and his little friend Stormy is now a helicopter pilot working for air control.

Worse still, the police force in the 90s plays strictly by the book and Ponch's tendency to bend the rules is most definitely not appreciated! Soon, however, the force will find that regular rules don't apply when a ruthless high end car jacking outfit starts terrifying the highways. Then it's all cops on the road for a daring cat and mouse game that will blow the losers sky high.

Also starring Judge Judy.

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Not for public release in Australia before date

10 August 1999

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