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Cheaters follows a group of four friends as they lie, steal and cheat their way through an unjust school system. Handsome Davis (Trevor Fehrman) is the ring-leader and group strategist. Along with Sammy (Elden Henson), Victor (Matthew Lawrence) and Applebee/the crib master (Martin Starr), the guy who writes crazy small, these four avowed rebels have elevated cheating to an art-form. For them it has become an empowering act of vindication in the face of academic tyranny and the ever-looming spectre of failing grades.

Also starring Griffin Dunne as Mr Davis, Maggie Lawson as Julie, Mary Tyler Moore as Mrs Stark, Jewel Staite as Teddy Blue, David Krumholtz as Evan Rosengarden, Shayn Solberg as Lebo, Bill Switzer as Garret, Will Sanderson as Rexler, Morris Panych as Mr Harkin, Chang Tseng as Marty, Barbara Tyson as Mrs Herman, Jared Van Snellenberg as Shapiro, Dixon Cohee as Greedy, Lachlan Murdoch as Horny, Jay Brazeau as Doctor Fox, Babs Chula as Mrs Rosengarden and Andrew Johnston as Doctor Newman. Written by Ryan Rowe, Ed Solomon and John August, directed by Andrew Gurland.

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