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The story of an ambitious young woman from a highly eccentric family, whose career is flying but whose love life seems to be going nowhere.

Carolina (Julia Stiles) has a fun job at a TV game show called The perfect date, lives in a fashionable apartment in LA and is best friends with her neighbour, Albert (Alessandro Nivola) - a writer who makes his living publishing romance novels.

Carolina is looking for the perfect man to fit into her perfect life, and finally she meets him. It is time for Carolina to face herself and realise who she really is, and who she really loves.

Persons of interest

  • Julia Stiles .... Carolina
  • Alessandro Nivola .... Albert Morris
  • Shirley MacLaine .... Grandma Mirabeau
  • Mika Boorem .... Maine Mirabeau
  • Azura Skye .... Georgia Mirabeau
  • Edward Atterton .... Heath Pierson
  • Randy Quaid .... Ted Mirabeau
  • Dwight Armstrong .... Snake
  • Anna Ortiz .... Christen
  • Jennifer Coolidge .... Aunt Marilyn
  • Ambyr Childers .... Young Carolina
  • Daveigh Chase .... Young Georgia Mirabeau
  • Katherine Fugate .... Screenwriter
  • Marleen Gorris .... Director

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Film: Undated 2004
DVD retail: 12 October 2005
VHS retail: 12 October 2005

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