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Runtime: 84 Mins
Classsification: M
Battle Violence

Home Entertainment:
5 October 2011


Arié Elmaleh, Eric Savin, Zoé Félix, Yann Gozlan

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At the end of their humanitarian aid mission, a group of medics are on their way home from Eastern Europe when the road ahead is blocked by soldiers. They decide to take a detour on a side road but the shortcut to freedom soon turns into a nightmare when they are kidnapped by a brutal group of armed, masked gunmen. Held captive in an isolated underground basement, they soon discover that staying alive is one thing but staying in one piece is another.

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Caged movie poster

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Persons of interest

  • Zoé Félix .... Carole
  • Eric Savin .... Mathias
  • Arié Elmaleh .... Samir
  • Yann Gozlan .... Director
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    Movie Review

    Caged is pretty confronting for the average movie goer. It's a gripping story of people caught during the Bosnian war to be used for the illegal body parts trade. Finding themselves captured they watch on as one by one they are taken away to their death. It's very difficult to wacth but you'll find yourself transfixed to the screen to find out who if any survive.

    2.5/5 Reviewed by