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Burning in the wind (Brucio nel vento)

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Day in, day out, the same routine is repeated. Immigrant worker Tobias Horvath (Ivan Franek) gets up at 5:00 am, washes, shaves, has some breakfast and runs to the main square. Here, in his Swiss town, he catches a bus to work, closing his eyes but realising the horror of his existence. For 10 years, Tobias has worked in a clock factory and in the relentless sound of ticking, he sees life go by without much expectation.

Born in Eastern Europe, Tobias grew up in poverty, the son of a thief, beggar and prostitute. As a young teenager, he finds out who his father is. One night, Tobias knifes his father in the back and escapes to Switzerland. Now ten years later, his hope in life now is to find Line (Barbara Lukêsova), an ideal woman lost in his imagination. One day, Tobias sees Caroline, a former school pal from the East. His dreams seemingly become shattered as Caroline is married and has a daughter. A series of surprise events further obstructs their relationship, but Tobias perseveres. He has little to lose.

Persons of interest

  • Ivan Franek .... Tobias Horvath
  • Barbara Lukêsova .... Line
  • Ctirad Gotz .... Janek
  • Caroline Baehr .... Yolanda
  • Cécile Pallas .... Eve
  • Petr Forman .... Pavel
  • Zuzana Maurery .... Katy
  • Pavel Andel .... Kristof
  • Agota Kristof... Novelist: Hier
  • Doriana Leondeff .... Screenwriter
  • Silvio Soldini .... Screenwriter
  • Silvio Soldini .... Director

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  • NB: Italian language dialogue with English language subtitles
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120 minutes (2:00 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2003

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