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Bukowski: born into this - John Dullaghan

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Bukowski: born into this is the first comprehensive documentary of Charles Bukowski and while long time fans will find confirmation of the Bukowski they'd always imagined, there are plenty of surprises in store. The film traces his extraordinary life, from an abusive childhood through decades of poverty and alcoholism; numerous menial jobs and turbulent relationships; and his eventual international celebrity as a poet, novelist and underground cult icon. In his lifetime, Bukowski became most widely known as the screenwriter and real-life model for Barfly, the film based on his early life.

Persons of interest

  • Charles Bukowski .... Himself
  • Bono .... Himself
  • John Bryan .... Himself
  • Linda Lee Bukowski .... Herself
  • Marina Bukowski .... Herself
  • Michael Cano .... Himself
  • Neeli Cherkovski .... Herself
  • Joyce Fante .... Herself
  • FrancEye .... Herself
  • Taylor Hackford .... Himself
  • John Martin .... Himself
  • Mike Meloan .... Himself
  • Jack Micheline .... Himself
  • Pam "Cupcakes" Miller .... Herself
  • Dom Muto .... Himself
  • William Packard .... Himself
  • Sean Penn .... Himself
  • Steve Richmond .... Himself
  • Barbet Schroeder .... Himself
  • Harry Dean Stanton .... Himself
  • Tom Waits .... Himself
  • Carl Weissner .... Himself
  • Liza Williams .... Herself
  • John Dullaghan .... Director

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Film: 16 June 2005

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