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The bone collector

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

Movie propaganda

Two cops on the trail of a serial killer.
They must see as one...
They must act as one...
They must think as one...
Before another victim falls.

Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington), a New York city detective specialising in forensics, was once the country's leading criminologist. Author of numerous best-selling books, Rhyme's keen eye for details and nose for clues have made him legendary within the law enforcement community. following a near fatal injury in the line of duty, Rhyme is left bed-bound, his arms and legs useless, and with little will to live.

Feisty, street smart policewoman Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) is only in her early twenties but already feels aged beyond her years. On the eve of being transferred to a desk job, her last call as a street cop leads her to a crime scene and the discovery of a gruesomely-mutilated corpse, where her quick thinking and daring act of bravery will not go unnoticed.

On the first day of her new job, Rhyme has Amelia pulled against her wishes and reassigned to assist him on the case. Together, they realise that this murder is not just a random act, but the work of a violent criminal mind - a serial murderer... who has only just begun. An unlikely pairing at first, Donaghy must become Rhymes' eyes, ears and legs, scouring horrific crime scenes for evidence as they race against the clock to prevent the next hideous act of this brutal killer. A killer who taunts them by leaving arcane clues for Rhyme to unravel and Donaghy to unearth, in what just might be enough time to save the victims' lives.

Persons of interest

  • Denzel Washington .... Lincoln "Linc" Rhyme
  • Angelina Jolie .... Amelia Donaghy
  • Queen Latifah .... Thelma
  • Michael Rooker .... Captain Howard Cheney
  • Mike McGlone .... Detective Kenny Solomon
  • Luis Guzmán .... Eddie Ortiz
  • Leland Orser .... Richard Thompson
  • John Benjamin Hickey .... Dr Barry Lehman
  • Bobby Cannavale .... Steve
  • Ed O'Neill .... Detective Paulie Sellitto
  • Richard Zeman .... Lieutenant Carl Hanson
  • Olivia Birkelund .... Lindsay Rubin
  • Gary Swanson .... Alan Rubin
  • Jeffery Deaver .... Author
  • Jeremy Iacone .... Screenwriter
  • Phillip Noyce .... Director

Cinematic intelligence sources

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Thriller time!

The bone collector is another one of those "Serial killer leaves clues for the hero to find, only to find more twists than answers" kind of film. It's a tightly woven detective story, a hard edged thriller and a resurrection of the human spirit. The acting is great, the direction is slick, the action is quick and no matter how hard you try, you can't quite catch up with the bad guy. It's a lesson in frustration and agony, horror and anxiety. That's a good combination for a thriller, in my not so humble opinion.

There are strong echoes with Copycat, starring Sigourney Weaver. That film is the tale of an ultra clever criminal psychiatrist who has made a speciality of serial killers, who is trapped in her house by her own psychoses and ends up being hunted there by a serial killer. The difference between the two films is... u minutes... well... one has an Anglo chick and the other has an African guy. Totally different.

Denzel is dashing, heroic and defenceless as the bed-bound forensic detective. His character's journey is to accept his disability and choose life as he is having a euthanasia debate as he believes that he has nothing to offer. He makes this belief seem very real and very reasonable. The physical challenge is incredible (he only has his face and one finger to show thought and emotion) but Denzel manages it with ease. Angelina's Amelia goes from street cop to forensics investigator with incredible difficulty. The character knows about good guys and bad guys and which one she has to arrest, but facing up to a completely psychotic serial killer is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. That makes for almost as interesting a story as Lincoln's search for redemption.

Fortunately the characters are incredibly good-looking so they fall in love and save each other. This is Hollywood, what did you expect?

Anyhow, The bone collector is a great movie for a great night in: it's gripping, it's entertaining, it's scary and it's fun. Enjoy!

Media intelligence (DVD)

  • Audio specifications: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Behind-the-scenes feature on the making of the movie with cast and crew interviews
  • Commentary by director Phillip Noyce
  • Dialogue in English, German
  • Format in Widescreen (16:9 enhanced)
  • Picture disc
  • Score, isolated track of Craig Armstrong's music
  • Subtitles in English, Greek, German, Czech, Hungarian, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Icelandic, Hebrew, Croatian
  • Talent profiles
  • Trailer: Bonus for Devil in a blue dress, original movie trailers

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level violence, medium level coarse language)

Surveillance time

118 minutes (1:58 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

DVD rental: 12 July 2000

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