Runtime: 92 Mins
Classsification: MA15+
Strong sexual references and coarse language
In cinemas:
6 October 2011

Black & White & Sex

Anya Beyersdorf, Katherine Hicks, Michelle Vergara Moore, Roxane Wilson

Movie propaganda

Prostitute. Hooker. Sex Worker. Whore… Candid and seductive, Angie is determined to set the record straight about sex. As she reveals herself, layer-by-layer, she also exposes the man who is interviewing he. Sometimes provocative and confronting, sometimes tender, poignant and sexy, Black & White & Sex takes you behind the scenes and into Angie’s very special world. There’s a question here for every man – and an answer for every woman. Anyone who pays is welcome - but leave your expectations at the door… sex is never black and white.

Persons of interest

  • Katherine Hicks
  • Anya Beyersdorf
  • Roxane Wilson
  • Michelle Vergara Moore
  • Valerie Bader
  • John Winter .... Director
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    • drama

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