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Big girls don't cry (Große Mädchen weinen nicht)

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They stick together like pitch and sulphur.

Kati (Anne Maria Mühe) and Steffi (Karoline Herfurth) have been best friends since they were six. Now they're both seventeen and are enjoying the ups and downs of becoming adults together. While Kati's parents are highly conservative, argue constantly and would prefer to see their pretty daughter dress like a nun, Steffi comes from what appears to be a harmonious and liberal family.

One day, the two girls discover how quickly their attractive world can fall apart like a house of cards. In a hip club where Kati's new boyfriend takes them, the two girls happen to see Steffi's father in the arms of another woman. Steffi is shocked. Her trust in her small and harmonious world is shaken to the core. In this condition, she can only think of one thing: she wants revenge, against her father, against this secret girlfriend and even against the girlfriend's daughter. She starts playing a dangerous game, a game in which she soon involves everyone and anyone who means something to her. In her blind rage, she almost inevitably begins to lose control over the situation and the trust of her friends. Even Kati, who does everything in her power to help her, doesn't know what to do about the mess Steffi has fallen into. But the greatest damage Steffi suffers is self-inflicted.

Persons of interest

  • Karoline Herfurth .... Steffi
  • Anna Maria Mühe .... Kati
  • Josefine Domes
  • Ingo Hasselbach .... Bartender
  • Nina Petri
  • David Winter
  • Maria von Heland .... Screenwriter
  • Maria von Heland .... Director

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  • NB: German language dialogue with English language subtitles
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87 minutes (1:27 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated 2004

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