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Becoming Jane - Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith, Julian Jarrold

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Anne Hathaway, Dame Maggie Smith and Julie Walters star in this period romantic drama and biographical portrait of the young Jane Austen, and the love affair Austen began as a 20-year-old with brilliant, roguish Irishman Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy), that inspired her career as one of the world's great romantic writers.

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Becoming Jane theatrical one sheet image
Becoming Jane theatrical one sheet image

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  • Film biography drama romance Jane Austen author writer love affair Tom Lefroy novel period

Persons of interest

  • Joe Anderson
  • Jessica Ashworth .... Lucy Lefroy
  • Lucy Cohu
  • James Cromwell .... Mr Austen
  • Laurence Fox
  • Anne Hathaway .... Jane Austen
  • Anna Maxwell Martin .... Cassandra Austen
  • James McAvoy .... Tom Lefroy
  • Chris McHallem .... Mr Curtis
  • Giedrius Nagys .... Farmer Boy
  • Donal O'Farrell .... Black Bob
  • Ian Richardson
  • Maggie Smith .... Lady Gresham
  • Julie Walters .... Mrs Austen
  • Kevin Hood .... Screenwriter
  • Sarah Williams .... Screenwriter
  • Julian Jarrold .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Well done to everyone involved for making Becoming Jane seem like one of Jane Austen's own novels (Pride and prejudice in fact).

On top of that, the locations, the costumes, the manners are all delightful. Anne Hathaway does a good young Jane but when she's made-up for the old Jane it doesn't quiet work. Not so for James McAvoy who is the dashing Tom Lefroy to a T; the perfect doomed romantic hero.

It's all good.

The biography, drama, romance movie Becoming Jane is directed by Julian Jarrold and stars Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith.

Government security censorship classification

PG (Mild violence, mild themes, mild coarse language)

Surveillance time

116 minutes (1:56 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 29 March 2007

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Becoming Jane image
Becoming Jane imageBecoming Jane imageBecoming Jane imageBecoming Jane imageBecoming Jane imageBecoming Jane image

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