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Sometimes you have to give up the life of your dreams, to discover the dream of your life.

A comic Cinderella story with an edge, Beautiful is the story of Mona Hibbard (Minnie Driver), a determined young woman from a dismal household, who finds an escape in her obsession with beauty pageants.

Fiercely determined to someday capture the top USA crown, Miss America Miss, she continually enters local events despite facing constant rejection. Her sole supporters are best friend Ruby (Joey Lauren Adams) and Ruby's feisty young daughter (Hallie Kate Eisenberg). Against all odds, Mona manoeuvres her way up the pageant ladder, but the stakes are high and what threatens to unravel her lifelong goal may also be the very thing to liberate her from her unhappiness.

Persons of interest

  • Minnie Driver .... Mona Hibbard
  • Joey Lauren Adams .... Ruby
  • Hallie Kate Eisenberg
  • Leslie Stefanson .... Joyce
  • Kathleen Turner .... Verna Chickle
  • Brent Briscoe .... Lurdy
  • Brittany Crutchfield .... Autumn Meadowbrook
  • Daniel Dehring .... Joey
  • Dawn Heusser .... Ashley Carruthers
  • Ali Landry .... Belindy
  • Michael Mckean .... Lance
  • Jacqueline Steiger .... Young Ruby
  • Chuti Tiu .... Kayla Keilani Lee
  • Jon Bernstein .... Screenwriter
  • Sally Field .... Director

Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report


Media intelligence (DVD)

  • Audio: Dolby 2.0
  • Disc: Single side, single layer
  • Languages: English
  • Picture: Widescreen 16:9
  • Special features:
    • Biographies: Text
  • Subtitles: English

Security censorship classification

PG (Low level coarse language, adult theme)

Surveillance time

112 minutes (1:52 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: Undated September 2000
DVD retail: 18 September 2002

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