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Barbershop - Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Cedric The Entertainer, Tim Story

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Everybody's getting lined up.

Barbershop is a comedy about a day in the life of a barbershop on the south side of Chicago. Calvin (Ice Cube), who inherited the struggling business from his deceased father, views the shop as nothing but a burden and waste of his time. After selling the shop to a local loan shark, Calvin slowly begins to see his father's vision and legacy and struggles with the notion that he just sold it out.

Calvin's barbershop is filled with an eclectic and hilarious cast of characters that share their stories, jokes, trials and tribulations. In the shop we find Eddie (Cedric The Entertainer), an old barber with strong opinions and no customers. Jimmy (Sean Patrick Thomas) is a highly educated barber with a superiority complex who can't stand Isaac (Troy Garity), the new, white barber who just wants a shot at cutting some hair.

Ricky is an ex-con with two strikes against him and is desperately trying to stay straight. Terri (Eve) is a hard-edged woman who can't seem to leave her two-timing boyfriend. And lastly there's Dinka (Leonard Howze), a fellow barber who is madly in love with Terri but doesn't get the time of day.

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  • Film drama comedy barber family community

Persons of interest

  • Ice Cube .... Calvin
  • Anthony Anderson
  • Cedric The Entertainer .... Eddie
  • Leonard Howze .... Dinka
  • Troy Garity .... Isaac
  • Eve .... Terri
  • Sean Patrick Thomas .... Jimmy
  • Lorenzo Clemons .... Bank Manager
  • J David Shanks .... Lamar
  • Jazsmin Lewis .... Jennifer Palmer
  • Mark Brown .... Storywriter
  • Don D Scott .... Screenwriter
  • Mark Brown .... Screenwriter
  • Marshall Todd .... Screenwriter
  • Tim Story .... Director

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Intelligence analyst

Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Next Friday in urban Chicago rather than suburban Los Angeles. In other words, a bunch of African-American (mostly) males standing around making lots of noise with little result and a nice family-style ending.

Barbershop is not a memorable movie but it's not a waste of money like Horseplay and it has spawned a sequel and a spin-off (about the beauty shop next-door).

Security censorship classification

M (Low level coarse language)

Surveillance time

102 minutes (1:42 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 22 May 2003

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Barbershop imageBarbershop image
Barbershop imageBarbershop imageBarbershop imageBarbershop imageBarbershop imageBarbershop image

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