Bangkok Renaissance Poster

Classsification: CTC

In cinemas:
18 October 2012

Bangkok Revenge

Caroline Ducey, Jon Foo, Michaël Cohen, Jean-Marc Minéo

Movie propaganda

Two decades after witnessing his parents' brutal murder, a Thai combat expert tracks down the killer to deliver justice. Starring Tekken star Jon Foo. When Manit was ten, he witnessed the gruesome murder of his parents, was shot and left for dead. Placed in the care of an old Muay Thai master, Manit recovered, but the bullet in his brain had changed him forever, severing him from all human emotion. Now, thanks to the combat teachings of his master, he has turned into a veritable killing machine, bent on justice. With the help of Clara, an attractive and young European journalist, Manit hunts down the man who murdered his parents in cold blood.

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Bangkok Renaissance Poster

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Persons of interest

  • Jon Foo .... Manit
  • Michaël Cohen
  • Caroline Ducey
  • Jean-Marc Minéo .... Director
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    • action

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    • Studios and distributors: Rialto