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All over the guy

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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4 friends, 2 couples. Twice as much to lie about in the morning.

Tom (Richard Ruccolo) is a gorgeous schoolteacher who loves flea markets, and Eli (Dan Bucatinsky) a nerdy romantic who watches marathon X-Files reruns. They're opposites in almost every way - and when their straight friends set them up on a blind date, opposites definitely attract! But as they get to know each other, Tom and Eli find that falling in love isn't as easy as it seems in the movies. Tom may be charming and beautiful, but he's also a chain smoking alcoholic raised by distant parents and Eli's idealistic romanticism is so full-on that it could scare anyone away. Despite their attraction, Tom and Eli's differences threaten to ruin their relationship.

Persons of interest

  • Dan Bucatinsky .... Eli
  • Richard Ruccolo .... Tom
  • Doris Roberts .... Esther
  • Michael Harris .... Gary
  • Sasha Alexander .... Jackie Samantha Gold
  • Adam Goldberg .... Brett
  • Joanna Kerns .... Lydia
  • Nicolas Surovy .... Jim
  • Andrea Martin .... Ellen
  • Tony Abatemarco .... David
  • Dan Bucatinsky .... Playwright: I know you are, but what am I?
  • Dan Bucatinsky .... Screenwriter
  • Julie Davis .... Director

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All over the guy is a romantic comedy that takes the "will they, won't they?" plot device to its extreme. It does this by having Tom and Eli as two three-dimensional characters who have little in common except sexiness and sexuality and then it puts them together. Opposites can attract and often do (about a third of people are attracted to opposites, another third to sames and the rest are too varied to pigeon-hole) and the best thing about this film is that it shows how hard it can be for two opposites to find enough common ground on which to build a relationship.

(Did you like the metaphor? Ground? Build? Heh, heh, how clever I am.)

Dan's script is a great example for all aspiring screen writers: the complex weave of characters and characteristics keeps you guessing as to whether it will end up as a romantic comedy or a romantic drama. Even by the penultimate scene, I didn't know how it would end (although I did know how I wanted it to end) and I am nobody's fool. Dan also makes liberal but realistic use of bitchy gay humour, the stuff that made My best friend's wedding so worth watching, putting just enough comedy into the script that you don't get mired down by all the heavy shit that goes on.

Meanwhile, Dan and Richard go great guns as the two struggling lovers (the stage play was about two straight couples but, as you will see, sexuality makes no difference to the story), they both present complex and mysterious characters who are wonderful to watch. The neuroses are deeply rooted and watching the two men struggle through them toward something approaching sanity is a reward in itself. Brett and Jackie fulfil all the requirements for the B-couple, whose relationship is a device to echo, mirror or, in this case, contrast that of the A-couple (Tom and Eli). Adam and Sasha elevate their characters' existence above a merely useful construction and make them an interesting story in and of themselves. It makes for depth in a genre that is more frequently know for the opposite.

All over the guy is a fun, dramatic and entertaining film that will leave you smiling and frowning as you crunch over the abandoned popcorn boxes and soft drink cups. You can think about what happened and you can float along on the warm fuzziness. It's steak for dinner and ice cream for dessert; what more could you ask for? Apart from a little less make-up on the men, of course.

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level sex scenes, medium level coarse language, adult themes)

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95 minutes (1:35 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 15 February 2002 - Academy Twin
Film: 16 February 2002 - Academy Twin
Film: 7 March 2002 - Chauvel, Valhalla

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