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All or nothing - Mike Leigh, Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, Alison Garland

Threat advisory: Elevated - Significant risk of entertaining activities

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Penny's (Lesley Manville) love for her partner, taxi-driver Phil (Timothy Spall), has run dry. He is a gentle, philosophical guy, and she works on the checkout at a supermarket. Their daughter Rachel (Alison Garland) cleans in a home for elderly people, and their son Rory (James Corden) is unemployed and aggressive. The joy has gone out of Phil's and Penny's life, but when an unexpected tragedy occurs, they are brought together to rediscover their love.

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  • Film drama UK loser poverty poor family love

Persons of interest

  • Timothy Spall .... Phil
  • Lesley Manville .... Penny
  • Alison Garland .... Rachel
  • James Corden .... Rory
  • Ruth Sheen .... Maureen
  • Marion Bailey .... Carol
  • Paul Jesson .... Ron
  • Sam Kelly .... Sid
  • Kathryn Hunter .... Cécile
  • Sally Hawkins .... Samantha
  • Helen Coker .... Donna
  • Daniel Mays .... Jason
  • Ben Crompton .... Craig
  • Mike Leigh .... Screenwriter
  • Mike Leigh .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

This is slash your wrists drama.

All or nothing pulls no punches in airing all the dirty laundry it can find in this one family and the people unfortunate enough to share their circumstances. These families are one rung above the bottom of society: any lower and they would be winos living in a cardboard box. And if that's not depressing enough for you, they are being ground into mincemeat by the stresses of just surviving at that level. The coin jar is not a place where you throw your unwanted cash, it's an investment account for future emergencies.

Just like those unwashed people wearing trackie-daks whom you see hanging around train stations at which you're too scared to get off the train, this family seems to spend all of its time arguing with itself and with others. Short fuses are the order of the day, followed by conflict avoidance and a large serving of repression. Then, having dragged you down about as far as you'd be willing to go, Mike Leigh goes for the tried and true "trauma pulls everyone closer together" trick, showing that even an independent filmmaker can travel down the road of the Hollywood happy ending.

Security censorship classification

MA 15+ (High level coarse language)

Surveillance time

128 minutes (2:08 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 10 April 2003

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