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Aldrich Ames: traitor within

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What could turn a star-spangled patriot and dedicated family man into a cold-blooded traitor willing to jeopardise his nation's secrets and imperil the lives of men and women around the world? Timothy Hutton stars in this compelling true life story of Aldrich Ames, director of Soviet counter-intelligence for the CIA, who became a secret agent for the KGB in the most infamous case of espionage in USA history. Frustrated by financial burdens and his stalled career, Ames embarks on a treacherous mission to sell out Soviet and American agents. But as the Berlin wall starts to crumble, so does Ames' deception, as he becomes the hunted in an international game of cat and mouse. An extraordinary tale of intrigue that will keep you on the edge of your seat until its explosive end!

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6 August 1999

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