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Alaska: spirit of the wild

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In the vast reaches of Alaska, the last great ice age still endures and its grandeur is captured in the new Imax film Alaska: spirit of the wild.

The giant format film transports audiences on an amazing journey through the lane of Arctic ice, breathtaking natural phenomena and exotic wildlife as they witness the majesty of wild Alaska and celebrate its unparalleled life. the snow-mantled peaks of Mount McKinley, compelling stories of survival and adaptation, the great gold rush...

Narrated by Charlton Heston. Written by Mose Richards, directed by George Casey.

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Really cool stuff.

Hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho. I am very funny!

Anyhoo, Alaska: spirit of the wild is part documentary, part Imax extravaganza and part family entertainment. The documentary includes some really nifty computer generated imagery showing the ebb and flow of the last ice age, some live action proto-Americans and lots of nature shots. The extravaganza comes from the magnificent scenery presented in overwhelming Imax format. I actually got vertigo and had to clutch at my seat to stop myself from falling off.

The family entertainment comes from some very unscientific anthropomorphisation of cute animals romping in the Alaskan wilderness. This is bad in educational terms but great in family fun terms. And it's not as if many Aussies are going to be Crashing in the Alaskan high country to require Arctic survival skills, are they?

Which is all to say that this film is fun and exciting, bringing life to what could be a very dry subject. It outstrips Dolphins in every way possible. Everything is great, everything is interesting. If you can only make it to one Imax film this year, Alaska: spirit of the wild is the one to see.

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Film: 1 June 2000

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