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Transpacific flight 545 is making the long and very routine run from Hong Kong to Denver and is only half an hour from the Californian coast when it broadcasts a request for an emergency landing at LAX. The rescue workers are unprepared for the sight that awaits them as the injured and/or dead passengers are escorted out of the virtually destroyed interior cabin. What happened onboard flight 545?

Casey Singleton (Sigourney Weaver) and the rest of the staff at Norton Aircraft, the company who manufactured the plane's airframe structure, begin their own investigations into the cause of the disaster and are given 5 days to do it in. As Casey starts looking into what happened she must not only deal with the very inexperienced rich kid whose been stuck with her as an assistant but also hold off the very inquisitive and arrogant reporter named Jennifer Malone (Geena Davis) whose determined to see Norton crash and burn to ensure her show gets high ratings.

As the investigations dig deeper, she starts to uncover what appears to be a conspiracy in the plant which plans to place the blame of the accident on her and her workmates. Who is behind it? What did cause the accident on flight 545? What happened to the vital QAR box which seems to have all the answers? What does Malone know and what is she willing to do with that knowledge? And who are the thugs following her that have on at least two attempts tried to kill her?

Written by William Wisher Junior, based on the novel by Michael Crichton, directed by John McTiernan.

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