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Afterworld (Leonard Cohen's Afterworld)

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Two 20-year-olds come to terms with life, death and what it means to be an outsider at the end of the 20th century in this black comedy.

Afterworld follows two childhood friends (Jared Leto as Jack Hayes and Jake Gyllenhaal as Pilot Kelson) as they embark on a road trip which quickly becomes a strange and twisted odyssey for the two post-Gen-X pals. They meet the unexpected, the unloved and the unforgettable, winding up at Seattle Centre on the 10th of April in the midst of a crowd of lost mourners gathering after the death of their anti-hero, Kurt Cobain.

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  • Film drama twentysomething black comedy road trip friends odyssey Kurt Cobain

Persons of interest

  • Jared Leto .... Jack Hayes
  • Jake Gyllenhaal .... Pilot Kelson
  • Selma Blair .... Cassie
  • John C McGinley .... Johnny the Fox
  • Jeremy Piven .... Scawldy
  • David J Guppy .... Moon
  • Kimberley Kates .... Jilly Miranda
  • Sean E Markland .... the security guard
  • Mauzner .... Mauzner
  • Arden Myrin .... Lucy
  • Mark Rolston .... Burt Miranda
  • Scott Rosenberg .... Screenwriter
  • James Cox .... Director

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Film: Undated 2001

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