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The acid house

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Paul McGuigan's The acid house is a surreal triptych adapted by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh from his collection of short stories. Combining a vicious sense of humour with hard-talking drama, the film reaches into the hearts and minds of the chemical generation, casting a dark and unholy light into the hidden corners of the human psyche.

The Granton Star cause
The first film of the trilogy is a black comedy of revenge, football and religion that come together in one explosive story. Starring Steve McCole, Alex Howden and Jenny McCrindle.

A soft touch
The second part of the film is a story of love and betrayal with Johnny as the soft touch who is all too easily manipulated by those around him. Starring Kevin McKidd and Michelle Gomez.

The acid house
The final film is a surreal comic story about marriage, babies and an excess of chemical abuse. Starring Ewen Bremner and Arlene Cockburn.

Security censorship classification

R 18+ (Medium level sex scenes, medium level coarse language)

Not for public release in Australia before date

21 July 1999

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