Runtime: 90 Mins
Classsification: G
Very mild violence
In cinemas:
20 September 2012

A Monster In Paris

Adam Goldberg, Bob Balaban, Jay Harrington, Matthew Géczy

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It's 1910, and Raoul is a Parisian delivery man by day and scientist by night who is determined to brainstorm an important new invention. With the help of his friend Emile, a cinema projectionist with women on the brain, Raoul attempts an experiment in a greenhouse that has an unexpected side effect -- a tiny flea has suddenly expanded until it's seven feet tall. The enormous flea gets loose and it's not long before word is out that a monstrous bug is haunting Paris. However, while mean-spirited politician Victor tries to snare some publicity by making people afraid of the bug before he catches it, Lucille, a pretty nightclub performer, makes a surprising discovery -- the big flea is not only gentle and friendly, he's a gifted guitar player, and decked out in a suit and a hat, he's soon impressing patrons as part of her act.

Persons of interest

  • Bob Balaban .... Voice of Pâté
  • Adam Goldberg .... Voice of Raoul
  • Matthew Géczy .... Voice of Albert
  • Jay Harrington .... Voice of Emile
  • Bibo Bergeron .... Director
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    • family
    • animation
    • comedy
    • adventure

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    • Studios and distributors: Madman