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The 100 steps (I cento passi)

Threat advisory: High - High risk of entertaining activities

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An explosive story of betrayal, murder, intrigue and the Mafia, set in Cinisi, a small Sicilian seaside town in the province of Palermo.

Luigi Impastato (Luigi Maria Burruano) supports his family by working for Gaetano Badalamenti (Tony Sperandeo), the Mafia chieftain who controls the drug trade and all other illicit operations in the Cinsi area. But working for the Mafia is not easy when one of your own begins actively campaign against them. When Luigi's rebellious son, Peppino (Luigi Lo Cascio) develops a conscience, opening a private radio station where he reveals the identity of the Mafia chieftain, he sets off a chain of escalating violence which threatens to destroy the family.

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The 100 steps (I cento passi) image

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  • Film Italy Italian Sicily murder Mafia mystery family loyalty

Persons of interest

  • Luigi Maria Burruano .... Luigi Impastato
  • Tony Sperandeo .... Gaetano Badalamenti
  • Luigi Lo Cascio .... Peppino
  • Lucia Sardo .... Felicia Impastato
  • Paolo Briguglia .... Giovanni Impastato
  • Pippo Montalbano .... Cesare Manzella
  • Andrea Tidona .... Stefano Venuti
  • Ninni Bruschetta .... Cugino Anthony
  • Paola Pace .... Cosima
  • Claudio Gioè .... Salvo Vitale
  • Domenico Centamore .... Vito
  • Gaspare Cucinella .... Zio Gasparo
  • Lorenzo Randazzo .... Peppino Bambino
  • Luigi Billeci .... Giovanni Bambino
  • Lena Guthorsen .... Theresa
  • Simona Cavalieri .... Felicetta
  • Dario Veca .... Cugino Paolo Schillirò
  • Orio Scaduto .... Nipote Jacuzzo
  • Elio Lo Cascio .... Andrea
  • Carlo Ferreri .... Carmelo
  • Silvia Russo .... Silvia
  • Claudio Fava .... Screenwriter
  • Monica Zapelli .... Screenwriter
  • Marco Tullio Giordana .... Screenwriter
  • Marco Tullio Giordana .... Director

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Special Agent Matti

Theatrical report

Hey! This is a documentary!

Well, a biography, but there's little difference.

I thought that I was going to see anther non-English language drama about life in a non-English language country. It turned out to be more than just a drama, it's also horrendously true. What is it with people that they chase after power, that they have to set themselves up as infallible and beat down anyone who espouses an alternative point of view? Why do people (men) become dictators and why do people let them do it? Being the alpha male is one thing but dictatorships are another.

Meanwhile, The 100 steps digs into three themes with great alacrity: family disfunctionality, the Sicilian Mafia and the 70s protest movement. By combining them all, the script forces you to look beyond the surface; it's the type of story that facile newspaper headlines and TV sound bites cannot hope to encompass. That it's based on the life of a real person makes you wonder how you would react in similar circumstances.

If you have any interest in politics, reality or humanity, The 100 steps is a film for you.

Security censorship classification

M (Medium level violence, adult themes, medium level coarse language)

Surveillance time

107 minutes (1:47 hours)

Not for public release in Australia before date

Film: 19 July 2001

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The 100 steps (I cento passi) image
The 100 steps (I cento passi) imageThe 100 steps (I cento passi) image
The 100 steps (I cento passi) image
The 100 steps (I cento passi) imageThe 100 steps (I cento passi) imageThe 100 steps (I cento passi) image
The 100 steps (I cento passi) imageThe 100 steps (I cento passi) imageThe 100 steps (I cento passi) image

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