Australian DVD and VHS release dates

March 2003 home entertainment releases
Date Movie title Film genre and starring cast
1 Bringing out the dead - $DVD Drama: Nicholas Cage, Patricia Arquette, John Goodman
1 Hand that rocks the cradle, The - $DVD Thriller: Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Mornay
1 Three musketeers, The - $DVD Adventure
5 American in Paris, An - $DVD Musical: Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron
5 Anchors aweigh - $DVD Musical: Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson
5 Bones - DVD, VHS Supernatural, thriller: Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier
5 Lilo and Stitch - DVD, VHS Animation, comedy: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, Tia Carrere
5 Nugget, The - DVD, VHS Australian, comedy: Eric Bana, Alan Brough, Vince Colosimo
5 On the town - $DVD Musical: Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin
5 Philadelphia story - $DVD Romantic comedy: Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, James Stewart
5 Road to Perdition - DVD, $DVD, VHS Crime: Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law
5 Victor Victoria - $DVD Comedy: Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston
12 Age of terror - $DVD Documentary
12 American gangster - $DVD Documentary
12 Blurred - DVD, VHS Australian, comedy: Matthew Newton, Craig Horner
12 Breakaway - DVD, VHS Action: Dean Cain, Eric Roberts, Erika Eleniak
12 Care bears - $DVD Animation: Volumes 1-6
12 Cube - $DVD Thriller: Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, David Hewlett
12 Engineering the impossible - $DVD Documentary
12 Great planes - $DVD Documentary: Grumman F-4F, Wildcat; B-57; F-15
12 Happy times (Xingfu shiguang) - DVD, VHS Chinese, drama: Benshan Zhao, Lifan Dong, Jie Dong
12 Hoosiers - $DVD Drama, sport: Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey
12 Koyaanisqatsi - $DVD Art-house
12 Mr Deeds - DVD, VHS Romantic comedy: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder
12 Lovely and amazing - DVD, VHS Drama: Brenda Blethyn, Catherine Keener, Emily Mortimer
12 Powaqqatsi - $DVD Art-house
12 Scream - *$DVD Thriller: Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore
12 Son's room, The (La stanza del figlio) - $DVD Drama, Italian: Nanni Moretti, Laura Morante, Giuseppe Sanfelice
12 Spider's web - DVD, VHS Erotic, thriller: Stephen Baldwin, Kari Wuhrer
12 Untamed heart - $DVD Romance: Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez
12 Warriors... French Foreign Legion - $DVD Documentary
12 Windtalkers - $VHS War: Nicolas Cage, Adam Beach, Peter Stormare
12 World of pyramids - $DVD Documentary
12 Zoids - $DVD, $VHS Animation: Volumes 1.1-1.3
19 Black hole, The - $DVD Science fiction: Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster
19 Bug's life, A - *$DVD Animation: Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
19 City by the sea - DVD, VHS Drama: Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand
19 Dinosaur - $DVD Animation, family: Ossie Davis, Della Reese, Joan Plowright
19 Elephant juice - DVD, VHS Drama: Emmanuelle Beart, Daniel Lapaine
19 High crimes - $DVD, $VHS Thriller: Ashley Judd, Jim Caviezel, Morgan Freeman
19 Kermit's swamp years - DVD, VHS Muppets
19 Kissing Jessica Stein - DVD, VHS Romantic comedy: Jennifer Westfeldt, Heather Juergensen
19 Legionnaire - DVD Action: Jean Claude Van Damme
19 Murder by numbers - DVD, $DVD, VHS Crime, thriller: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt
19 Order, The - DVD, VHS Action: Jean Claude Van Damme, Charlton Heston
19 Our lips are sealed - $DVD, $VHS Comedy: Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen
19 Pixar - $DVD Box set: Toy story 1; Toy story 2; Bugs; Bonus
19 Salton Sea, The - DVD, $DVD, VHS Drama: Val Kilmer, Peter Sarsgaard, Deborah Kara Unger
19 Stuart Little 2 - DVD, VHS Comedy, sequel, Stuart Little: Michael J Fox, Melanie Griffith, Hugh Laurie
19 Taste of others, The (Le goût des autres) - DVD, VHS Drama, French: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Christiane Millet
19 Tron - *$DVD, $VHS Science fiction: Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner
19 Unfaithful - $DVD, $VHS Drama: Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Olivier Martinez
19 When in Rome - $DVD, $VHS Comedy: Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen
19 Willfull (Wilful) - DVD, VHS Australian, comedy: Anna Lise Phillips, Anne Looby
26 Angel - $DVD TV: Season 3
26 Erotic confessions 3 - VHS Erotic, thriller: Ava Fabian
26 Escapist, The - DVD, VHS Revenge: Johnny Lee Miller, Andy Serkis
26 Four play - DVD Comedy
26 HP Lovecraft's Dagon - DVD Horror: Ezra Godden, Francisco Rabal, Raquel Meroño
26 Stargate: SG1 - $DVD Science fiction, TV: Season 4, Volumes 14-15
26 Stargate: SG1 - $VHS Science fiction, TV: Season 5, Volumes 45-47
26 Virtual encounters 1 - DVD, VHS Erotic, thriller: Elizabeth Kaitan, Taylore St Claire, Rob Lee
26 World traveller - DVD, VHS Drama: Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore
xx Trigger-men - DVD, VHS Crime: Neil Morrissey, Donnie Wahlberg, Claire Forlani

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