Australian DVD and VHS release dates

October 1999 home entertainment releases
Date Movie title Film genre and starring cast
1 200 cigarettes - VHS Drama: Mistress Cobain, Jay Rohr
1 Beloved - VHS Drama: Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover
1 Rushmore - VHS Drama, teen: Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray
5 Passing glory - VHS Drama, true: Andre Braugher, Basketball
5 Rocky Marciano - VHS Drama, true: Jon Favreau, George C Scott
5 Scooby-Doo - VHS Animation, TV
7 Star trek: Deep Space Nine 7.10a - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Strange bedfellows
7 Star trek: Deep Space Nine 7.10b - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: The changing face of evil
7 Star trek: Voyager: 5.10a - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: The fight
7 Star trek: Voyager: 5.10b - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Think tank
8 Rugrats: The movie - VHS Animation, TV: David Spade, Christine Cavanaugh
13 Beowulf - VHS Adventure, fantasy: Christopher Lambert
13 Gadjo dilo - VHS Drama: Romain Duris, Rona Hartner
13 I'm watching you - VHS Erotic, thriller: Jacqueline Lovell, Andre Wilson
13 Rag & bone - VHS Supernatural, thriller: Dean Cain
18 8 mm - VHS Thriller: Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix
18 Patch Adams - VHS Comedy, true: Robin Williams, Monica Potter
20 ATF - VHS Thriller: Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman
20 Aristocats, The - VHS Animation, family
20 [girl] - VHS Comedy: Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flanery
20 Ninth justice, The - VHS Drama: Andy Garcia, Kate Nelligan
22 Chameleon - VHS Horror: Bobbie Phillips, Eric Lloyd, John Adam
22 Inferno - VHS Disaster: James Remar
22 Fury within, The - VHS Supernatural: Ally Sheedy
22 Best of the best 4: Without warning - VHS Action: Phillip Rhee, Ernie Hudson
22 Varsity blues - VHS Sport, teen: James Van Der Beek, Paul Walker, Jon Voight
27 Just the ticket - VHS Romantic comedy: Andy Garcia, Andie Macdowell
27 No looking back - VHS Drama: Edward Burns, Lauren Holly
27 Ravenous - VHS Horror, western: Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, David Arquette

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