Australian DVD and VHS release dates

July 1999 home entertainment releases
Date Movie title Film genre and starring cast
5 Stanley Kubrick collection, The - $VHS Retrospective
7 He got game - VHS Drama: Denzel Washington, Spike Lee
7 Urban legend - VHS Teen, thriller: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt
7 Who am I? - VHS Action: Jackie Chan
9 Paulie - VHS Adventure, family: Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Tony Shaloub
9 Star trek: Deep Space Nine 7.07a - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Field of fire
9 Star trek: Deep Space Nine 7.07b - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Chimera
9 Star trek: Voyager 5.07a - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Gravity
9 Star trek: Voyager 5.07b - VHS, $VHS Science fiction: Bliss
14 Bulworth - VHS Comedy: Warren Beatty, Halle Berry
14 Impostors, The - VHS Comedy: Oliver Platt, Stanley Tucci
21 Acid house, The - VHS Drama: Ewen Bremner
21 Dangerous invitation - VHS Erotic, thriller: Joe Fedio, Kim Yates
21 Implicated - VHS Drama: William McNamara
21 Outside Ozona - VHS Thriller: Robert Forster, Kevin Pollak
21 Shadrach - VHS Drama: Harvey Keitel
21 Warlock 3 - VHS Supernatural: Bruce Payne
23 Cinderella - VHS Animation
23 Dirty little secret - VHS Thriller: Tracey Gold, Jack Wagner
23 Osiris chronicles, The - VHS Science fiction: A new war is on the horizon
23 Rescuers 2: Stories of courage, The - VHS Drama, true: Dana Delaney
23 Star trek: Insurrection - VHS Science fiction: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes
28 Hurly burly - VHS Comedy, drama: Sean Penn
xx Sliding doors - VHS Romantic comedy: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, Jean Tripplehorn

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